09:00        Opening Remark


09:10       Inhalers 101:  How to deal with choice overload ~~~ Dr. Kevin Sanders & Dr. Kimberly Wintemute        

  • Understand the different types of inhaled medications on the market

  • Learn advantages and disadvantages of each inhaler device

  • Develop a strategy to personalize treatments to your patients


09:40        Question & Answer Period


09:50       Office Urology for the Family Physician ~~~ Dr. Stan Flax

  • Discuss the most common urology presentations

  • Review the most common urological investigations

  • Discuss to refer your patient to a urologist 


10:20        Question & Answer Period


10:30        Stretch Break


10:40        Family Doc’s Survival Guide for Paediatric GI – Top 10 tips for Patient Management ~~~ Dr. Latifa Yeung  

  • To appreciate the answers to common questions in paediatric gastroenterology submitted by family physicians

  • To collect quick tips on management of childhood GERD, constipation, celiac disease, IBD, NAFLD

11:10        Question & Answer Period


11:20       Paediatric Ophthalmology – Practical Pearls for Family Physicians ~~~ Dr. Dayle Sigesmund                                                                                                                   

  • To be able to identify what are urgent referrals to a pediatric ophthalmologist

  • To be able to educate your child about cell phone, tablet, laptop and desktop usage

  • To learn about various modalities that can decrease the rate of rapid progression of myopia


11:50        Question & Answer Period


12:00        Stretch Break


12:10        Management of Obesity in Primary Care ~~~  Dr. Angie Hong

  • 1. Learn an approach to assessment of obesity and its common co-morditities in the office

  • 2. Learn an approach to treatments:  lifestyle, medications and surgery

  • 3. Learn the tools for behavioural change


12:40        Question & Answer Period


12:50        Closing Remark